Technology / Home Audio / Ohm: The measurement of electrical resistance and system impedance. It is a measure of the degree to which electrons are limited in both velocity and quantity in passing through a circuit. In Impedance measurements, this takes into account, the mechanical resistance inherent in the motion of transducers. The standard is usually 4 ohms for car audio and 8 ohms for home and commercial audio. Some specialty woofers may be rated at 16 ohms.

Armature Resistance (Ohms)

Technology / Motors / Armature Resistance (Ohms): Armature resistance is measured in ohms at 25f C. (cold) MORE

Ohms Law

Technology / Home Audio / Ohms Law: The mathematical relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. It is named after George Ohm, it's discoverer. Ohm's law states that current volume in a conductor is directly proportional to t MORE

Two Ohm Stable

Technology / Home Audio / Two Ohm Stable: An X-ohm stable amplifier is an amp which is able to continuously power a load of X ohms per channel without encountering difficulties such as overheating or distrotion. Almost all car amplifiers are MORE