Op Amp

Technology / Home Audio / Op Amp: (operational amplifier) An analog integrated circuit device having two opposite polarity inputs and one output; frequently used as a basic processing unit in the design of analog signal circuits.

Optical Zoom

Technology / Digital Cameras / Optical Zoom: The ability to magnify a subject for close-ups, by adjusting the camera's lens assembly (thus the name 'optical'). Most current digital cameras include an optical zoom lens of some kind. The amount of MORE

Optical Wedge

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Wedge: Is a strip of material, clear at one end and gradually increasing in opacity, which is used to determine the effect of light intensities on sensitized materials. MORE

Optical Sensitizing

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Sensitizing: Is a method of increasing a films sensitivity by the use of dyes. MORE

Optical Glass

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Glass: Is used for manufacturing lenses and prisms. It is specially manufactured to be free of defects and distortion, and to withstand heat and humidity. Each type f optical glass is classified according to MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Optics: Is the science dealing with the behavior of light. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Optima: Has synonym name Geisenheim 33-13-113. Recent crossing of (Riesling x Sylvaner) x Müller-Thurgau varieties. Widely grown in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region of Germany and used for blending purposes in th MORE