Technology / Home Audio / Pad: An electrical circuit used to attenuate or reduce the amplitude of an audio signal by a fixed amount, e.g a -15db pad reduces the signal by a fixed 15 decibels.

Other Words for Pad

Pad Noun Synonyms: cushion, pillow, wad, wadding, stuffing, padding, filling, filler

Pad Save

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Pad Save: A save on which the goalie uses a leg pad to stop or deflect the puck. MORE

Waffle Pad

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Waffle Pad: A large rectangular pad attached to the front of the goalieā€™s stick hand. MORE

Spade Connector

Technology / Home Audio / Spade Connector: Spade connectors are compatible with most binding post terminals. A spade fits around the terminal's central threaded post, allowing you to then tighten the collar down on the spade for a snug, secure MORE

Stack The Pads

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stack The Pads: A save wherein the goaltender drops to one side and makes the save with his leg pads. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / D-pad: An abbreviation of 'direction pad,' which is typically a flat, cross shaped button that is used to control a video game. The cross is mapped to up, down, left, and right, and moving the pad so that tw MORE

Methylacetylene Propadiene

Business / Machine Shop / Methylacetylene Propadiene: A family of alternative fuel gases that are mixtures of two or more gases (propane, butane, butadiene, methylacetylene and propadiene). Methylacetylene propadiene is used for oxyfuel cutting, heating, MORE