Permalloy Tape Head

Technology / Home Audio / Permalloy Tape Head: A cassette tape head constructed of permalloy, an alloy made primarily of nickel and iron, used for its superior high wear resistance and permeability, offering superior frequency response at a low cost.

Other Words for Head

Head Noun Synonyms: front, vanguard, forefront, van, fore-part
Head Adjective Synonyms: skull, pate, cranium, dome, coco(nut), belfry, noggin, bean, nut, rocker, noodle, gourd, conk, crumpet, noddle, loaf

Other Words for Tape

Tape Noun Synonyms: strip, band, fillet, stripe, strap, belt, ribbon
Tape Verb Synonyms: (tape) recording, reel, spool, cassette, video

Left The Headcover On It

Entertainment / Golf / Left The Headcover On It: Another phrase for leaving a putt short MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Live-On-Tape: A video production that is recorded live, with most of the editing done while the scenes transpire (rather than in post-production). MORE

Lead Tape

Entertainment / Golf / Lead Tape: Thin adhesive strips (also comes in rolls) of lead used to add weight to a club head MORE

Late Tape

Business / Finance / Late Tape: A delay in the display of price changes on the tape of an exchange because of heavy trading. In severe instances the first digit of each price is intentionally deleted. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Knucklehead: Knucklehead is the name of the Harley-Davidson engine used from 1936-1947. If you sit on the seat of a knucklehead machine and look down to the right side of the engine, the rocker box looks like the MORE

Magnetic Tape

Technology / Television (TV) / Magnetic Tape: A ribbon of plastic with a coating on it that is sensitive to magnetic impulses created by electricity. In analog technology, these magnetic impulses are modulated on the tape in a fashion parallel to MORE