Technology / Home Audio / Phase: Refers to the timing relationship of two or more signals or sound waves. It's especially important to be sure that your stereo speakers are playing 'in phase.' This means that the drivers (woofers and tweeters) of your right and left speakers are moving in and out at the same time. If your stereo speakers are 'out of phase' — that is, with one set of positive and negative leads reversed — you'll hear significantly less bass, and instead of producing a strong center image, the sound tends to stay localized at the speakers. To learn how to be sure your speakers are in phase, check the Home Speakers FAQ).

Other Words for Phase

Phase Noun Synonyms: stage, period, development, step

Phase Diagram

Science / Chemistry / Phase Diagram: A map that shows which phases of a sample are most stable for a given set of conditions. Phases are depicted as regions on the map; the borderlines between regions correspond to conditions where the p MORE

Age Of Phase Inequality

Science / Tides and Currents / Age Of Phase Inequality: The time interval between new or full Moon and the maximum effect of these phases upon range of tide or speed of the tidal current. This age may be computed from the harmonic constants by the formula: MORE

Phase Change

Science / Chemistry / Phase Change: A change in the state of a sample of matter; for example, solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Phase changes are considered physical rather than chemical changes. MORE