Phase Cancellation

Technology / Home Audio / Phase Cancellation: Audio signals are complex phenomena expressed mathematically as phasors, or vectors. When two signals have the same exact time relationship to each other, they are said to be 'in-phase;' if they do not, they are said to be 'out-of-phase.' If the energy of two out-of-phase signals are combined, they will, in fact, subtract from one another. This is called phase cancellation. Another type of phase cancellation can be seen when water waves interact. One wave's energy becomes stronger when two waves collide in-phase (summing) and becomes weaker when they collide out-of-phase. Air (barometric) fronts act in the same way.

Other Words for Cancellation

Cancellation Noun Synonyms: cancelling, annulment, nullification, rescinding, voiding, rescission, revocation, abolition, abandonment, withdrawal, abrogation, repeal

Other Words for Phase

Phase Noun Synonyms: stage, period, development, step

Phase Shift

Technology / Home Audio / Phase Shift: The fraction of a complete cycle elapsed as measured from a specified reference point and expressed as an angle. 2. Out of phase in an un-synchronized or un-correlated way. MORE

Phase Transition

Business / Machine Shop / Phase Transition: Iron phase transitions are at room temperature to 1,670°F (910°C) iron is body-center cubic, 1670°F (910°C) to 2535°F (1388°C) iron is face-center cubic and 2535°F (1390°C) the melting point o MORE

Phase Transitions

Business / Machine Shop / Phase Transitions: When metals or metal alloys go from solid to liquid or the reverse, this is a MORE