Technology / Home Audio / Pitch: The subjective sensation produced by various frequencies. The higher the frequency, the higher the perceived pitch; however, frequency is not linearly related to pitch. See also 'Concert Pitch'.

Other Words for Pitch

Pitch Noun Synonyms: erect, raise, set or put up, position, fix, place
Pitch Verb Synonyms: toss, throw, cast, fling, hurl, heave, sling, fire, launch, shoot, send, let fly, Cricket bowl, chuck, peg, lob, bung

Control Pitcher

Entertainment / Baseball / Control Pitcher: Phrase used to describe a pitcher who records less base on balls than most other pitchers. MORE

Relief Pitcher

Entertainment / Baseball / Relief Pitcher: The pitcher replacing the starting pitcher. The relief pitcher can win, lose, save, or not be involved in the game’s final score. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Outpitch: Refers to a pitcher’s best pitch for getting a hitter out, especially in a close game with runners on base. MORE

Pitch And Putt

Entertainment / Golf / Pitch And Putt: (also 'pitch 'n' putt') a par 3 course with extremely short holes (usually not much longer than 130 yards) MORE

Lateral Pitch

Entertainment / Bowling / Lateral Pitch: Angling of the thumbhole and/or finger holes to the left or the right. Used to assist in the exit timing of the ball (i.e. how fast or easily it comes off your hand); improper lateral pitch can cause MORE

Reverse Pitch

Entertainment / Bowling / Reverse Pitch: Angling of the thumbhole backward so the tip of the thumb is extended away from the palm. It is used to help the thumb exit the hole sooner; although very common and generally desirable, too much can MORE