Ported (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Ported (Enclosure): Any enclosure design with ports. In such designs the internal pressure wave is processed to be used either solely, or in conjunction with the woofer front wave in order to produce sound. A port can be a simple opening, a tube or a Passive Radiator.

Sealed (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Sealed (Enclosure): Sometimes known as an Acoustic suspension type, the sealed enclosure is a simple design in which each woofer is mounted in a sealed, airtight box or compartment with a specific internal volume for pre MORE

Tube (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Tube (Enclosure): A type of woofer enclosure consisting of a long tube with a woofer at one end, and a port or Passive Radiator at the other. A good low-end reproducer, this design is very compact and generally used in MORE

Vented (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Vented (Enclosure): A type of speaker system also known as Tuned, Tuned Port, Ported, or Bass Reflex. They are basically Acoustic Suspension enclosures with the addition of a port or opening with a specific length. This MORE

Reported Factor

Business / Finance / Reported Factor: The pool factor as reported by the bond buyer for a given amortization period. MORE

Reported Earnings

Business / Finance / Reported Earnings: Net income (after deducting preferred dividends) per common share. Fiscal year earnings are adjusted to calendar year earnings by combining the four fiscal quarterly earnings which most closely corres MORE

Data Reported In

Business / Finance / Data Reported In: Manipulation of the market by traders to create the illusion of active volume to attract investors. MORE