Technology / Home Audio / Qts: The total resistance in a series or parallel circuit. This takes into account all Driver resistances, both electrical and mechanical.

Low Q

Technology / Home Audio / Low Q: A low Q, or QTS, (reactance) woofer Driver is desirable for use in a vented enclosure. MORE

Infinite Baffle

Technology / Home Audio / Infinite Baffle: An infinite baffle speaker design is defined as an enclosure that contains a greater volume of air than the Vas requirement of the driver. An infinite baffle system can easily be applied to an automob MORE

Vented (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Vented (Enclosure): A type of speaker system also known as Tuned, Tuned Port, Ported, or Bass Reflex. They are basically Acoustic Suspension enclosures with the addition of a port or opening with a specific length. This MORE

Sealed (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Sealed (Enclosure): Sometimes known as an Acoustic suspension type, the sealed enclosure is a simple design in which each woofer is mounted in a sealed, airtight box or compartment with a specific internal volume for pre MORE