Technology / Home Audio / Quantization: The process of converting, or digitizing, the almost infinitely variable amplitude of an analog waveform to one of a finite series of discrete levels. Performed by the A/D converter.

Quantization Error

Technology / Home Audio / Quantization Error: Error resulting from quantizing an analog waveform to a discrete level. In general the longer the word length, the less the error. MORE

Granulation Noise

Technology / Home Audio / Granulation Noise: A type of audible distortion resulting from quantization error in digital transmission modes. MORE

Adaptive Trasformation Acoustic Coding (ATRAC)

Technology / Home Audio / Adaptive Trasformation Acoustic Coding (ATRAC): The process used in minidisc that utilizes psychoacoustic principles to limit quantization noise and reduce the data quantity from 16 bits to 4 bits by using non-uniform frequency and time division. MORE