Technology / Home Audio / Re: The inherent Direct Current resistance of a speaker's voice coil.


Technology / Computers / Thread: In online discussions, a series of messages that have been posted as replies to each other. A single forum or conference typically contains many threads covering different subjects. By reading each me MORE

Sacred Music

Entertainment / Music / Sacred Music: Religious or spiritual music, for church or devotional use. MORE

Homologous Recombination

Science / Genetics / Homologous Recombination: Swapping of dna fragments between paired chromosomes. MORE

Presymptomatic Diagnosis

Science / Genetics / Presymptomatic Diagnosis: Diagnosis of a genetic condition before the appearance of symptoms. MORE

Reciprocal Translocation

Science / Genetics / Reciprocal Translocation: When a pair of chromosomes exchange exactly the same length and area of dna. Results in a shuffling of genes. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Decrescendo: The dynamic effect of gradually growing softer, indicated in the musical score by the marking '>'. Also referred to as diminuendo. MORE