Technology / Home Audio / Reactance: In Ac circuits, whether passive or active, a form of frequency dependent resistance produced by inductors. Such an inductive loading will allow all dc current to pass without change, but will attenuate various, mostly higher frequencies, depending on the nature of the coil.

Reactance (Inductive)

Technology / Motors / Reactance (Inductive): The characteristic of a coil, when connected to alternating current, which causes the current to lag the voltage in time phase. The current wave reaches its peak later than the voltage wave reaches it MORE


Business / Finance / Q: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying that it is in bankruptcy proceedings. MORE

Low Q

Technology / Home Audio / Low Q: A low Q, or QTS, (reactance) woofer Driver is desirable for use in a vented enclosure. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Impedance: The totality measured in Ohms of all electrical opposition to current flow: resistance, reactance, capacitance, as well as all mechanical factors inhibiting the completion of energy transfer in a cont MORE

Power Factor

Technology / Home Audio / Power Factor: The ratio of the total power in watts (resistive load) to the total apparent power in voltamperes (VA) (reactive load). The difference between watts and VA is due to reactive load impedance. Apparent MORE