Technology / Home Audio / Resistance: Most all conductors of electrons exhibit a property called resistance. Resistance impedes the flow of current. It is measured in units called Ohms. With a water hose, resistance could be regarded as friction between the water and the hose. A larger hose would create less friction and have a lower resistance than a smaller hose. In electrical circuits, small round cylinders with wires on either end are called resistors. These typically reduce the flow of electrons to serve the specific requirements of the circuit elements, such as amplification or switching functions.

Other Words for Resistance

Resistance Noun Synonyms: opposition, defiance, refusal, denial, obstruction, intransigence, rebelliousness, recalcitrance, stubbornness
Resistance Verb Synonyms: defenses

Electrical Resistance

Science / Chemistry / Electrical Resistance: The ability of a material to oppose the flow of an electric current, converting electrical energy into heat. The SI unit of resistance is the ohm. MORE

Antibiotic Resistance

Science / Biology / Antibiotic Resistance: Tendency of certain bacteria to develop a resistance to commonly over-used antibiotics. MORE

Abrasion Resistance

Life Style / Painting / Abrasion Resistance: Resistance to being worn away by rubbing or friction; related more to toughness than to hardness. A necessary quality for floor finishes, enamels and varnishes. MORE