Technology / Home Audio / Ringing: The tendency for any vibrating surface to continue to produce the same frequency. This is limited by the decay time over which the inertia of other forces act to repress the motion. In acoustics, this tendency is known as reverberance. In human physiology, a condition called tinitus causes the sensation of ringing, which is actually a nerve disorder rather than a problem with the ear's mechanism.

Ringing 10 Pin

Entertainment / Bowling / Ringing 10 Pin: When the 10 pin stands after a particularly hard hitting shot; see soft ten also. MORE

Fringing Reef

Science / Geology / Fringing Reef: A coral reef that is directly attached to a landmass not made of coral. MORE

Ringing Ten-Burner

Entertainment / Bowling / Ringing Ten-Burner: An apparently good hit on the pocket that fails to knock the 10-pin down. MORE