Rotary Volume

Technology / Home Audio / Rotary Volume: An analog or linear volume control operated with a knob to raise and lower the volume, as opposed to separate digital 'up and down' pushbuttons or pushbar.

Other Words for Volume

Volume Noun Synonyms: amount, quantity, supply, mass, bulk, abundance, sum total, aggregate

Swept Volume

Technology / Motorcycle / Swept Volume: The volume displaced by a piston’s travel. MORE

Standard Molar Volume

Science / Chemistry / Standard Molar Volume: The volume of 1 mole of an ideal gas at STP, equal to 22.414 liters. MORE

Specific Volume Anomaly, Or Steric Anomaly

Science / Tides and Currents / Specific Volume Anomaly, Or Steric Anomaly: The excess in specific volume over the standard specific volume at 35 ‰, 0°C, and the given pressure. See thermosteric anomaly and specific volume. MORE

Specific Volume

Science / Chemistry / Specific Volume: The volume of a unit mass of substance. For example, the specific volume of water at 4°C is 1.00000 ml/g. Specific volume is the reciprocal of density. MORE

Total Volume

Business / Finance / Total Volume: Total sales and other revenue for the period shown. Known as 'turnover' in the U.K. MORE

Trading Volume

Business / Finance / Trading Volume: The increments to which securities prices are rounded up or rounded down. MORE