Satellite Radio

Technology / Home Audio / Satellite Radio: Digital radio transmission system that utilizes satellites in space to broadcast directly to ground based and mobile receivers. Two existing networks, Sirius and XM offer hundreds of channels of diverse offerings for a subscription fee. Separate standards govern the reception of each, so a choice must be made prior to aquiring the system.

Other Words for Radio

Radio Noun Synonyms: transmit, broadcast, air, disseminate, announce, present
Radio Adjective Synonyms: receiver, portable (radio), crystal set, wireless, transistor, ghetto-blaster, tranny or trannie, boom box

Other Words for Satellite

Satellite Adjective Synonyms: moon, spacecraft, sputnik

Radiolarian Ooze

Science / Geology / Radiolarian Ooze: A deep-sea pelagic sediment that contains at least 30% siliceous radiolarian remains. MORE


Science / Geology / Radiolarite: The lithified sedimentary rock formed from radiolarian ooze. MORE

Radiometric Time

Science / Biology / Radiometric Time: Type of absolute time determined by the relative porportions of radioisotopes to stable daughter isotopes. MORE