Satellite Speaker

Technology / Home Audio / Satellite Speaker: A small speaker with limited bass response that's often designed to be used with a matching subwoofer.

Other Words for Satellite

Satellite Adjective Synonyms: moon, spacecraft, sputnik

Other Words for Speaker

Speaker Verb Synonyms: orator, lecturer, keynoter, rabble-rouser, demagogue, tub-thumper, spieler

Satellite Home Viewer Act (SHVA)

Technology / Television (TV) / Satellite Home Viewer Act (SHVA): The Satellite Home Viewer Act (SHVA) was originally passed in 1988, and later amended in 1994 and 1990. Its purpose is to protect the copyright area of local network affiliates. It allows directv and MORE

Satellite Images

Science / Weather / Satellite Images: Images taken by a weather satellite that reveal information, such as the flow of water vapor, the movement of frontal system, and the development of a tropical system. Looping individual images aids m MORE

Satellite Dish

Technology / Television (TV) / Satellite Dish: A satellite dish is used to collect signals from a satellite in orbit and focus them to the front of the dish where a feed horn collects them and passes the signals on to the LNB to be amplified and s MORE


Science / Genetics / Satellite: A chromosomal segment that branches off from the rest of the chromosome but is still connected by a thin filament or stalk. MORE

Ripple (Speaker)

Technology / Home Audio / Ripple (Speaker): The maximum deviation from flat response, measured in decibels-it indicates the port's effect on woofer output. MORE

Satellite Master Antenna (SMATV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Satellite Master Antenna (SMATV): Serves housing complexes and hotels: signals received via satellite and distributed by coaxial cable. MORE