Slew Rate

Technology / Home Audio / Slew Rate: Slew rate measures the ability of a piece of audio equipment to accurately reproduce fast changes in amplitude. Measured in volts per microsecond, this spec is most commonly associated with amplifiers, but can bet applied to most types of equipment. In amplifiers, a low slew rate softens the definition of a signal, blurring transients and sounding 'mushy.' Slew rate is most critical in high frequencies reproduction where rapid changes in amplitude are most pronounced. An amplifier with a higher slew rate is often subjectively rated as tighter and more dynamic.

Other Words for Rate

Rate Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, class, classify, evaluate, estimate, calculate, compute, count, reckon, judge, gauge, assess, appraise, measure
Rate Verb Synonyms: measure, pace, gait, speed, velocity, clip

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