Technology / Home Audio / Soundstage: The position (front/back and high/low) that music or sound appears to be originating from, as well as the apparent depth of the stage. A car with speakers only in the front will likely have a forward soundstage, but may not have enough rear fill to make the music seem live. A car with both front and rear speakers may have anything from a forward to a rear soundstage, with an accompanying fill from the softer drivers depending on the relative power levels and the frequencies reproduced. The high/low position of the soundstage is generally only obvious in a car with a distinctly forward soundstage. The music may seem to be originating in the footwells, the dash, or out on the hood, depending on the car's design.


Technology / Home Audio / Imaging: Imaging describes the extent to which an audio system reproduces the directional cues that enable the listener to locate the instruments and vocalists as they were positioned during recording and mixi MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Soundstaging: A stereo or home theater system's ability to present music, dialogue, and other sounds as taking place within a physical space with definite width, height, and depth. The individual vocal and instrume MORE

Front Speakers

Technology / Home Audio / Front Speakers: In home theater, the front left and right speakers deliver a wide soundstage that blends with the video to create a more realistic and exciting movie experience. In addition to reproducing the musical MORE