Technology / Home Audio / Spider: The rear suspension element on the cone of a loudspeaker. All the moving parts of the speaker are suspended by the spider in the rear and the Surround in the front. The spider is so named because of its resemblance to an arachnid, especially in the way in which flexion is obtained in the design of the concentric pleats that allow back and forth motion. (seesurround)

Spider Trap

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Spider Trap: an endless loop of automatically generated links which can "trap" a spider program. Sometimes intentionally used to prevent automated scraping or e-mail address harvesting. MORE

Spiders Web

Life Style / Painting / Spiders Web: Some painters have chosen strange materials to paint on, often regardless of permanency and suitability. One of the strangest examples is in Chester Cathedral, England, where there is a small religiou MORE


Science / Spiders / Spiderling: A tiny, immature spider, usually the form just emerged from the egg sac. MORE