Technology / Home Audio / Streaming: A technique for transferring data such that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream. Streaming technologies are often used on the Internet because many users do not have fast enough access to download large multimedia files quickly, so the client browser or plug-in can start displaying the data before the entire file has been transmitted.

Streaming Flow

Science / Geology / Streaming Flow: A tranquil flow slower than shooting flow. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Creative: The technology used to create or develop an ad unit. The most common creative technology for banners is GIF or JPEG images. Other creative technologies include Java, - HTML, or streaming audio or vide MORE

QuickTime Player

Technology / Computers / QuickTime Player: A multimedia technology developed by Apple Computer. Developed to display video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music and 360 degree virtual reality (VR) scenes. Apple makes its QuickTime plug-in a MORE