Technology / Home Audio / Surround: The surround is the flexible ring around the edge of the speaker cone. In conjunction with the inner suspension element called a Spider, it determines the overall impedance of the speaker. Pleated, treated cloth surrounds are usually stiffer and less compliant than their foam and rubber rolled edge cousins. A flexible suspension system in the speaker usually indicates greater efficiency. For some units, it is desirable to have suspensions that are pliable enough to let the woofer cone travel freely in and out. A technical specification for this characteristic in more expensive speakers, is XMS. The further the cone can travel and the more compliant it is, the stronger the bass can be in enclosures that take advantage of it. However, certain types of very good enclosures require a more limited, stiffer cone movement to develop their more controlled and High Fidelity response. Surrounds are usually made of cloth, foam or rubber. Rubber tends to last longest.

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Surround Verb Synonyms: encompass, encircle, envelop, enclose, hem in, ring


Science / Chemistry / Surroundings: In thermodynamics, the surroundings refer to the universe outside the system. MORE

Dolby Surround

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Surround: Or Dolby Stereo. Four audio channels (left, center, right, and surround) converted to two channels referred to as right-total and left-total. MORE

Surround Speakers

Technology / Home Audio / Surround Speakers: In a home theater system, the speakers located beside or behind the listening/viewing position. These speakers can be mounted on the walls, placed on stands, or set on bookshelves. They help create an MORE