Technology / Home Audio / Transducer: Synonym for Driver, speaker, or any electrical device that converts one type of energy into another. A microphone is a transducer that converts sound to electrical signals. A speaker reverses the process.

Pressure Transducer

Technology / Rockets / Pressure Transducer: Outputs electrical signal proportional to pressure. MORE

Pressure Port

Technology / Rockets / Pressure Port: A threaded orifice which can be fitted with a pressure gauge or pressure transducer for determining the pressures within a motor while in operation. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Ohm: The SI unit of electrical resistance, equal the resistance between two points when a constant voltage produces an electric current of 1 ampere. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Horn: A type of speaker system now principally used for high-frequency reproduction, but which is capable of full range sound in its largest format. As with those huge alpine horns, even the smallest transd MORE


Technology / Rockets / Hysteresis: Shift in calibration of transducer when on 'return' from actuation load. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Cables: In instrumentation, the shielded electrical lines which conduct signals from the transducers to the instrumentation recorders, amplifiers, DAS, etc. The shields are tied to one grounding point. MORE