Technology / Home Audio / Tweeter: Highs are reproduced by the tweeter, a small speaker mounted inside the woofer cones of multidriver 2 and 3 way car speakers and separately in other systems. Cone tweeters are efficient and the most economical. Dome tweeters - the type found in most home speakers - have a wider angle of dispersion and more accurate. Some domes are made of metals like neodymium or titanium that yield extended high frequency response. Others are made of Mylar, or a fine cloth like silk and produce a smoother if not as extended response. Some are made from a combination of materials.

Super Tweeter

Technology / Home Audio / Super Tweeter: A Driver constructed to reproduce the highest possible frequencies from roughly 13 khz to 25 khz. While most standard Tweeters can do an excellent job right up to 16 or 20 khz, these units deliver the MORE

Dome Tweeter

Technology / Home Audio / Dome Tweeter: Tweeters come in several different types; cones, horns and domes being the most popular. Dome types are heavily favored in many standard applications. They are efficient, and have low Distortion and w MORE

Hard Dome (Tweeter)

Technology / Home Audio / Hard Dome (Tweeter): A characteristic of some Dome tweeters in which the dome is made of some light, hard metal such as neodymium, titanium, or some of the more rigid plastic compounds. The differences in reproduction bet MORE