Technology / Home Audio / Two-Way: Music's high frequencies are reproduced accurately by two-way, or coaxial, designs. These speakers use a separate tweeter to deliver high frequency reproduction that surpasses that of dual-cone 'extended range' models with whizzer cones. This tweeter, usually a cone or a Dome, is either on a post or bridge inside the woofer.

Two-Way Energy

Health / Pilates / Two-Way Energy: The element of opposition used in Pilates exercise. Pressing the feet firmly into the floor while extending the crown of the head toward the ceiling is an example of two-way energy. Opposition creates MORE

Project 25

Technology / Cell Phones / Project 25: A joint government-industry standard setting effort to develop technical standards for the next generation of two-way communications equipment. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Three-Way: Three-way or triaxial speakers take the separate woofer and tweeter from a two-way design and add a dedicated midrange Driver for enhanced warmth and texture. The extra high-frequency energy also boos MORE