Two Ohm Stable

Technology / Home Audio / Two Ohm Stable: An X-ohm stable amplifier is an amp which is able to continuously power a load of X ohms per channel without encountering difficulties such as overheating or distrotion. Almost all car amplifiers are at least four ohm stable. Some are two ohm stable, which means that you could run a pair of four ohm speakers in parallel, or a single 2 ohm driver on each channel of the amplifier, and each channel of the amp would 'see' two ohms. Some amps are referred to as high-current, which is a buzzword which indicates that the amp is able to deliver very large (relatively) amounts of current, which usually means that it is stable at very low load impedances, such as 1/4 or 1/2 of an ohm. Note that the minimum load rating (such as 'two ohm stable') is a stereo (per channel) rating. In bridged mode, the total stability is the sum of the individual channels' stability

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Stable Noun Synonyms: steady, solid, firm, sound, sturdy, strong, durable, well-founded, fast, sure, established, deep-rooted, stout


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