Used Equipment

Technology / Home Audio / Used Equipment: Purchasing used equipment must be done with great care, especially in the case of speakers. An inspection of a speaker's voice coil would certainly reveal if it had been severly burned by exposure to clipping distortion. Unfortunately this could only be done by effectively destroying the speaker; obviously, not very practical. Observe if you can, what music the owner prefers, and how it is listened to. If speakers are consistently played with the amplifier volume set at more than half its range, on loud, bass-heavy passages, it might be wise to consider the destructive cumulative effects of clipping distortion and other such stress. The same caution applies little less rigorously to amplifiers, but not at all to signal source equipment (CD's, receivers, and Cassettes, etc.) And preamps, processors, etc. Which are relatively impervious to high amplitude signals.

Other Words for Equipment

Equipment Verb Synonyms: gear, apparatus, furnishings, accoutrements, appurtenances, paraphernalia, kit, materiel, tackle, outfit, trappings, tack, equipage, clobber

Other Words for Used

Used Noun Synonyms: second-hand, cast-off, old, worn, Euphemistic pre-owned, hand-me-down, reach-me-down

Property Plant And Equipment Turnover

Business / Accounting / Property Plant And Equipment Turnover: A measure of how well property, plant, and equipment are being utilized in generating a period's sales: computed by dividing net sales by average property, plant and equipment. MORE

Property Plant And Equipment

Business / Accounting / Property Plant And Equipment: Tangible, long-lived assets acquired for use in business operations: includes land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and furniture. MORE

Personal Protective Equipment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Personal Protective Equipment: Clothing and other work accessories (i.e., safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.) designed to create a barrier against potential workplace hazards. MORE