Technology / Home Audio / Vas: Volume Acoustic Suspension. A volume of air in an enclosure that has the same resistance characteristic in acoustic terms as the speaker's suspension in mechanical terms. This is a factor taken into account when designing enclosures. It specifies the optimum internal volume of the enclosure.

Invasive Species

Business / Agriculture / Invasive Species: Alien (non-native) species of plants, animals, and pests whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Executive Order 13112, issued February MORE

Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis

Science / Biology / Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis: Refers to the arrangement in vascular plants in which the roots anchor the plant and absorb water and nutrients, the leaves carry out photosynthesis, and the vascular system connects the roots and lea MORE

Nonvascular Plants

Science / Biology / Nonvascular Plants: Plants lacking lignified vascular tissue (xylem), vascularized leaves, and having a free-living, photosynthetic gametophyte stage that dominates the life cycle. Common examples are the mosses and live MORE

Vascular Cylinder

Science / Biology / Vascular Cylinder: A central column formed by the vascular tissue of a plant root; surrounded by parenchymal ground tissue. MORE


Science / Biology / Vasectomy: A contraceptive procedure in men in which the vas deferens is cut and the cut ends are sealed to prevent the transportation of sperm. Surgical separation of the vas deferens so that sperm, while still MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Monemvasia: Greek name for the Malvasia white-wine grape renowned for making fortified Madeira wines on the island of that name. In Greece is often blended with Mandelaria grape-wine to give a strong, aromatic dr MORE