Video Shielding

Technology / Home Audio / Video Shielding: A way of containing a speaker's magnetic energy inside its enclosure. This is usually achieved by placing another speaker magnet back-to-back with the existing one so that the two magnetic fields cancel each other. Shielding may also be achieved by lining the inside of the speaker cabinet with metal. Video shielding is important for home theater speakers — especially the center channel speaker — because if an unshielded speaker is placed too close to your TV, the magnetic energy can cause picture distortion and even permanently damage the TV's picture tube.

S-Video Jack

Technology / Television (TV) / S-Video Jack: It is a standard definition video connection normally found on directv and Dish Network receivers: it supports better quality than composite video. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Shielding: Electrons in orbitals with high penetration can shield the nucleus from less penetrating electrons. Because they are closer to the nucleus on average, they repel those farther away and lessen the effe MORE

Video Connector

Technology / Television (TV) / Video Connector: The connector on the video card or computer's graphics output that the monitor cable is connected to. MORE