Technology / Home Audio / Voltage: Voltage is an electrical charge, or potential difference, between two points, one being of higher relative voltage than the other is. A 1.5-volt 'C' battery has 1.5 volts of difference between the positive and negative terminals, for example. The unit of voltage is called the 'volt,' named after Allesandro Volta. Voltage can be thought of metaphorically as a pressure, such as water pressure in plumbing, that is available to initiate action or work. It, however, cannot do any work until a circuit is complete so that current (measured in amperes) can flow.

Kirchoffs Voltage Law (KVL)

Technology / Home Audio / Kirchoffs Voltage Law (KVL): A law stating stating that the voltage supplied to a DC circuit must equal the sum of the voltage drops within the circuit . MORE

Voltage Stabilizer

Entertainment / Photography / Voltage Stabilizer: Is a transformer used to produce a steady output voltage despite fluctuations of input voltage. MORE

Vcf (Voltage Controlled Filter)

Technology / Home Audio / Vcf (Voltage Controlled Filter): An audio filter whose effective frequency band is controlled by varying its voltage rather than with a potentiometer. MORE