Technology / Home Audio / Watts: A measurement of power. In speakers, wattage is a term that indicates power-handling characteristics in dealing with electrical voltage inputs from the amplifier. RMS or continuous power handling is the only accurate basis for comparing the capabilities of Drivers. In determining the proper power input for a speaker, use this measure only. So-called Peak Power handling is often only the manufacturers best guess at the power dissipation point, beyond which the unit will fail.

Capacitor Start

Technology / Motors / Capacitor Start: The capacitor start single phase motor is basically the same as the split phase start, except that it has a capacitor in series with the starting winding. The addition of the capacitor provides a more MORE


Business / Finance / Efficiency: The net rate a taxpayer pays on income that includes all forms of taxes. It is calculated by dividing the total tax paid by taxable income. MORE

CD Receiver

Technology / Home Audio / CD Receiver: Multiple function receivers are most commonly configured with radio and CD player capabilities in standard car receiver (head end) units. These may include cassette tape decks as well, and may also ha MORE