Technology / Home Audio / Waveform: The waveform of a signal is a depiction of its instantaneous voltages versus time. In audio, for example, we are always dealing with periodic waveforms that make up what we hear. These periodic waveforms can be plotted on a graph and will show up as some type of squiggly line. The graph chart rom left to right represents time and from top to bottom is the amplitude of the sound or voltage at those points in time. The familiar sine wave is an example of this.

Waveform Monitor

Technology / Television (TV) / Waveform Monitor: An oscilloscope that measures the white and chroma levels of videotape or other video source MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Distortion: Any departure from a true and accurate reproduction of the original waveform. It can include Noise, Clipping Distortion, Harmonic, and Intermodulation Distortion. These last two forms are fairly commo MORE

Hertz (Hz)

Technology / Cell Phones / Hertz (Hz): A unit of measurement of one cycle per second when one radio wave passes one point in one second of time. Named in honor of Heinrich Hertz, the physicist who developed the theory of radio waves. MORE