Technology / Home Audio / Wavelength: The distance between one peak or crest of a sine wave and the next corresponding peak or crest. The wavelength of any frequency may be found by dividing the speed of sound by the frequency.

Additive Synthesis

Entertainment / Photography / Additive Synthesis: Method of producing full-color images by mixing light of the three primary color wavelengths, blue, green and red. MORE

White Light Spectrum

Entertainment / Photography / White Light Spectrum: Is the electromagnetic wavelengths between 400-700 nanometers. Also referred to as the visible spectrum. MORE

Color Sensitivity

Entertainment / Photography / Color Sensitivity: Response of a sensitive material to colors of different wavelengths. MORE

Additive Printing

Entertainment / Photography / Additive Printing: Color printing method which produces an image by giving three separate exposures, each filtered to one of the three primary color wavelengths, blue, green and red. MORE

Near Ultraviolet

Entertainment / Photography / Near Ultraviolet: Are wavelengths from about 400nm down to 250nm. Most photographic emulsions are sensitive to this range of bands. MORE

Chromatic Aberration

Entertainment / Photography / Chromatic Aberration: Inability of a lens to bring light from the same subject plane but of different wavelengths to a common plane of image or focus. MORE