Technology / Home Audio / Woofer: A type of driver that features a cone-shaped diaphragm, commonly used for producing the mid- and low-frequency portions of the music signal.

Woofer (Subwoofer)

Technology / Home Audio / Woofer (Subwoofer): The bass and lower midrange sounds are reproduced by the woofer. To operate efficiently, a woofer's cone should be made of material that is stiff, yet lightweight. Cones made of polymers, polypropylen MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Subwoofer: A speaker specially designed to reproduce a range of very low frequencies only (the bass). The typical range for a subwoofer is about 20-200 Hz. A 'powered subwoofer' includes a built-in amplifier to MORE

Subwoofer Preamp Outputs

Technology / Home Audio / Subwoofer Preamp Outputs: Individual number of RCA outputs that are coupled with a built-in low-pass crossover for connection to a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Enclosure: A cabinet in which the various Drivers are housed. This arrangement is absolutely essential if bass response is desired from the woofer, which by itself in the open air, will produce very little low f MORE

Lfe Input

Technology / Home Audio / Lfe Input: Found on some powered subwoofers, this special preamp-level input accepts the 'Low Frequency Effects' signal that's output by digital 5.1-, 6.1-, or 7.1-channel home theater receivers, ensuring proper MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Separates: A typical separates system includes a separate woofer, tweeter, and external Crossover, all of which are designed to work smoothly with one another. Generally, these components are made of better mate MORE