Technology / Home Audio / Wow: Wow is a relatively slow variation in the frequency of reproduced sound caused by slow speed variations in records, tape recorders, etc. Pitch fluctuations of one or two per second are classified as wow, while more rapid variations are called flutter. In specifications wow is usually rated, along with flutter, as a percentage of pitch deviation produced by these two phenomenon in a tape or phonograph machine.

Pow Wow

Entertainment / Baseball / Pow Wow: A meeting on the playing field, usually involving several players and a coach who has come on to the field to talk strategy. MORE

Bow-Wow Theory

Entertainment / Literature / Bow-Wow Theory: In linguistics, the idea that language began when humans imitated animal noises or other natural sounds. Contrast with the yo-he-ho theory. MORE

Yo-He-Ho Theory

Entertainment / Literature / Yo-He-Ho Theory: In linguistics, the idea that language first began as a way to facilitate cooperative labor. Contrast with the bow-wow theory and the ding-dong theory. MORE