X And Y Axis

Technology / Home Audio / X And Y Axis: In a graph or chart showing the realtionship of one acoustical phenomenon or measurement relative to another, it is common to plot the ralionship on a chart with intersecting vertical and horizontal axis (X and Y) that graphicly shows the interaction between two or more elements, such as frequency and power in a given situation.

Phospholipid Bilayer

Science / Chemistry / Phospholipid Bilayer: In an aqueous environment phospholipids can form a two-layered 'sandwich' with the hydrophobic lipid tails on the inside and the hydrophilic phosphate heads facing outward. These bilayers are the esse MORE


Science / Biology / Phosphorylation: The chemical attachment of phosphorous to a molecule, usually associated with the storage of energy in the covalent bond that is also formed. Example: attachment of the third phosphate group to ADP in MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Phosphotophotography: Technique of projecting an infrared image on a phosphorescent surface. MORE