Zero Bit Detection

Technology / Home Audio / Zero Bit Detection: A circuit in a D/A converter that monitors the digital audio bit stream. Upon encountering all bits low, or zero bits, the output of the D/A is disconnected from the preamp. This improves the signal-to-noise ratio specification.1

Other Words for Bit

Bit Noun Synonyms: morsel, piece, scrap, fragment, shred, particle, grain, crumb

Other Words for Zero

Zero Verb Synonyms: (rock) bottom, nadir
Zero Noun Synonyms: nil, null, nothing, nought or naught, aught, cipher, duck, nix, goose-egg, nada, niente, (sweet) Fanny Adams or F.A., bugger-all, zilch

Rabbit Ears

Entertainment / Baseball / Rabbit Ears: Term for an umpire who spends too much time and energy listening to the complaints and catcalls from the fans to pay proper attention the game. MORE

Reciprocal Inhibition

Health / Fitness / Reciprocal Inhibition: Reflex relaxation in a muscle being stretched. MORE

Risk Arbitrage

Business / Finance / Risk Arbitrage: Traditionally, the simultaneous purchase of stock in a company being acquired and the sale of stock of the acquirer. Modern risk arbitrage focuses on capturing the spreads between the market value of MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Rabbit: 1. A touring professional that is not a regular member of the tour and who, therefore, must play in a qualifying round to 'win a spot' in order to enter a tour event 2. A game or form of betting comp MORE

Prohibited Area

Technology / Aviation / Prohibited Area: Airspace designated under FAR Part 73 within which no person may operate an aircraft without the permission of the using agency. It is most always distinctly marked on the VFR sectional maps. MORE

Preauthorized Electronic Debits (PAD)

Business / Finance / Preauthorized Electronic Debits (PAD): Debits to a bank account in advance by the payer. The payer's bank sends payment to the payee's bank through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. MORE