Technology / Motorcycle / 2-Stroke: A 2-Stroke is an engine (also known as a Stroker) having two strokes per cycle. The combustion stroke occurs when the piston moves down allowing the exhaust gases to exit through an opening. The compression stroke is the upward movement of the piston where the air-fuel mixture is drawn in and the spark plug ignites the mixture causing an explosion, thereby forcing the piston back down again.


Technology / Motorcycle / Stroker: Stroker has at least two definitions. First, it is another word for a 2-stroke engine. Second, it refers to increasing the stroke in a Harley-Davidson engine (or any other make) to give it more horsep MORE

Port Timing

Technology / Motorcycle / Port Timing: In two-stroke engines the critical moment when ports are covered or uncovered by the piston. Port timing can be modified to enhance a 2-stroke’s power and RPM range. MORE

Stroke And Distance

Entertainment / Golf / Stroke And Distance: (also '2-stroke penalty') counting one stroke for the stroke itself and one stroke for the distance travelled by the ball (meaning the ball must be replayed from the original point) MORE