Technology / Motorcycle / ABATE: ABATE is a biker organization that promotes more freedom for motorcyclists by limiting restrictive laws that affect riders. ABATE has organizations in most states. The name of the organization varies from state to state. It is known by 'Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education,' 'A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education,' and 'American Bikers Aimed Toward Education.' There may be other variations. ABATE keeps track of what state legislatures are doing relative to motorcycling and rallies its members to support legislation in the best interests of bikers. ABATE has devoted much of its resources to helmet laws.


Business / Real Estate / Abatement: A reduction, decrease, or the removal of a nuisance. MORE

Direct Investment

Business / Finance / Direct Investment: A method of cash budgeting based on detailed estimates of cash receipts and cash disbursements category by category. MORE

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation And Liability Act (CERCLA)

Business / Real Estate / Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation And Liability Act (CERCLA): A federal law administered by the Environmental Protection Agency that establishes a process for identifying parties responsible for creating hazardous waste sites, forcing liable parties to cleanup t MORE