American Motorcycle Association (AMA)

Technology / Motorcycle / American Motorcycle Association (AMA): The largest motorsports organization in the world, overseeing thousands of professional and amateur events per year. This U.S. organization campaigns for motorcyclists’ legal rights and organizes numerous motorcycling activities. The organization was founded in 1924 and has over 1000 chartered clubs. The AMA also maintains the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Other Words for Association

Association Noun Synonyms: society, organization, confederation, confederacy, federation, league, union, alliance, guild, coalition, group, syndicate, combine, consortium, cooperative


Technology / Motorcycle / Motorcycle: Motorcycles are 2-wheel vehicles patterned after bicycles but with engines and much heavier frames. Early motorcycles were actually bicycles fitted with small internal combustion engines. There was a MORE

Motorcycle Assembly

Technology / Motorcycle / Motorcycle Assembly: The putting together of manufactured parts to make a completed motorcycle, or the set of parts so assembled. MORE

Modified American Plan ( Map)

Life Style / Travel / Modified American Plan ( Map): A meal plan that includes two or more daily meals, usually breakfast and dinner. MORE