Technology / Motorcycle / Apex: The middle or center point of a turn. This is important to motorcycle riders, since they orient their riding "line" in relation to a turn’s apex.

Advance Purchase Excursion (Apex)

Life Style / Travel / Advance Purchase Excursion (Apex): Generally the lowest and most heavily restricted airfare. MORE

Block Pass

Technology / Motorcycle / Block Pass: Going into a turn, a rider attempting a block pass will accelerate before the apex and slip his motorcycle on the inside of the leader, then quickly pivot and make the turn directly in front of the ot MORE

Trail Braking

Technology / Motorcycle / Trail Braking: Keeping the brakes on late into a corner, after initial braking has taken place. A motorcycle riding and driving technique where the brakes are used beyond the entrance to a turn and are gradually rel MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Deconstruction: An interpretive movement in literary theory that reached its apex in the 1970s. Deconstruction rejects absolute interpretations, stressing ambiguities and contradictions in literature. Deconstruction MORE

Voice Coil

Technology / Home Audio / Voice Coil: The cylindrical coil of wire that moves in the magnetic field of a dynamic driver. The voice coil is bonded to the diaphragm, which actually produces the sound. MORE

Freytags Pyramid

Entertainment / Literature / Freytags Pyramid: A diagram of dramatic structure, one which shows complication and emotional tension rising like one side of a pyramid toward its apex, which represents the climax of action. Once the climax is over, t MORE