Technology / Motorcycle / Bagger: A Bagger is a motorcycle that is fitted with saddlebags to allow the rider to carry items for a trip. Many start riding with no particular way to carry anything of any size. Some will resort to strapping on luggage to a Sissy Bar or by means of a Bungee cord. Others go for saddlebags. The term may also apply to any Touring Bike.

Bagger (Derogatory)

Entertainment / Bowling / Bagger (Derogatory): Shortened version of sandbagger, someone who keeps their average artificially low in order to obtain a higher handicap than they deserve. MORE

Bagger (Such As Five Bagger)

Entertainment / Bowling / Bagger (Such As Five Bagger): A string of strikes; i.e., five bagger is five in a row. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Sandbagger: A bowler who deliberately keeps his average low during the first part of the season, to take advantage of an artificially high handicap later on. A cheater. MORE