Technology / Motorcycle / Battery: A Battery is an electrical storage device that forms the central core of a motorcycle's electrical system. Most modern batteries are 12 volts. Many riders use trickle chargers to maintain their battery. Batteries may require periodic servicing but many are maintenance-free. When a battery fails on the road, the rider may want to jump-start the battery. It's probably a good idea to replace a battery every two years.

Battery Acid

Science / Chemistry / Battery Acid: A solution of approximately 6M sulfuric acid used in the lead storage battery. MORE

Lithium-Ion Battery (Li-Ion)

Technology / Cell Phones / Lithium-Ion Battery (Li-Ion): Lighter weight battery than earlier types, having relatively longer cycle life and generally do not suffer from memory effect. MORE

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH)

Technology / Cell Phones / Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH): A rechargeable battery that is capable of holding more power that a NiCd battery and suffers much less from memory effect. It is also typically more expensive than a NiCd battery. MORE