Belt Drive

Technology / Motorcycle / Belt Drive: Belt Drive is a method to transmit power from the transmission to the rear wheel of the motorcycle using a belt. The belt requires practically no maintenance. Harley-Davidson has used Belt-Drive systems on most of its motorcycles in recent years.

Other Words for Belt

Belt Verb Synonyms: strike, hit, punch, beat, thrash
Belt Noun Synonyms: sash, girdle, cestus, cincture, zone

Other Words for Drive

Drive Verb Synonyms: stab, plunge, thrust, sink, push, send, dig, ram
Drive Noun Synonyms: push, propel, impel, urge, press, thrust, move, motivate, actuate, prod, spur, goad, urge, force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, pressure or pressurize, high-pressure, induce, require, demand

Ondarrabi Beltza

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ondarrabi Beltza: Variety grown in the Chacoli de Guetaria (ie. Basque 'Getariako Txakolina') D.O located in the Basque northeast section of Spain, between the town of San Sebasti?n and the french border. According to MORE

Orogenic Belt

Science / Geology / Orogenic Belt: A linear region, often a former geo-syncline, that has been subjected to folding, and other deformation in a mountain-building episode. MORE

Pen Drive

Technology / Computers / Pen Drive: A small keyring-sized device that can be used to easily transfer files between USB-compatible systems. Available in a range of capacities (and in some cases, with an MP3 player built-in). Plug it in t MORE

Piezoelectric Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Piezoelectric Driver: This is among the most robust and least expensive alternative drivers for the high frequency reproduction. The material used in the Piezoelectric Driver is a piezoelectric polymer first developed in t MORE

No Drive No Five

Entertainment / Bowling / No Drive No Five: An expression meaning that to take out the five pin on a pocket hit, the ball must drive through the deflection from the headpin to hit the five pin. MORE

Motor Drive

Entertainment / Photography / Motor Drive: Is an automatic film wind-on mechanism which can be attached to some cameras. While the shutter remains depressed the film will keep winding on after exposure. MORE