Bevel Drive Shaft

Technology / Motorcycle / Bevel Drive Shaft: A shaft with a bevel gear at one end or both ends. It is used primarily for driving an overhead camshaft.

Other Words for Drive

Drive Verb Synonyms: stab, plunge, thrust, sink, push, send, dig, ram
Drive Noun Synonyms: push, propel, impel, urge, press, thrust, move, motivate, actuate, prod, spur, goad, urge, force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, pressure or pressurize, high-pressure, induce, require, demand

Other Words for Shaft

Shaft Noun Synonyms: mine-shaft, tunnel, adit, well, pit, air-shaft, duct, flue
Shaft Adjective Synonyms: pole, rod, staff, stick, stem, shank, handle, helve, pillar, column, post, stanchion, upright

Line Drive

Entertainment / Baseball / Line Drive: A ball hit in the air at a low projectory directly to a fielder or through the infield. MORE

Motor Drive

Entertainment / Photography / Motor Drive: Is an automatic film wind-on mechanism which can be attached to some cameras. While the shutter remains depressed the film will keep winding on after exposure. MORE

No Drive No Five

Entertainment / Bowling / No Drive No Five: An expression meaning that to take out the five pin on a pocket hit, the ball must drive through the deflection from the headpin to hit the five pin. MORE

Overhead Camshaft (OHC)

Technology / Motorcycle / Overhead Camshaft (OHC): A camshaft in an internal-combustion engine that is mounted within the cylinder heads, above the combustion chambers, and drives the valves or lifters directly instead of using pushrods. MORE

Let The Shaft Out

Entertainment / Golf / Let The Shaft Out: To make an effort to hit the ball long MORE

Lens Drive System

Entertainment / Photography / Lens Drive System: Used in autofocus slr cameras. One type has a motor located inside the lens: in another, a motor inside the camera body turns the lens via a drive shaft. MORE