Bike Blessing

Technology / Motorcycle / Bike Blessing: Since motorcycling is an activity involving risk, it is sometimes prudent to bless these machines and their riders before a group ride. These are called Bike Blessings or a Blessing of the Bikes. Bike Blessings are informal religious ceremonies conducted by ministers, priests, rabbis, and other religious authorities. Some Bike Blessings involve thousands of bikes. Others may involve only a few bikes.

Other Words for Blessing

Blessing Noun Synonyms: benediction, prayer, consecration


Technology / Motorcycle / Sportbike: Very fast, colorfully decorated, high-performance motorcycle. Sportbikes are flashy, fast, and lightweight. Some are capable of sport-touring. MORE

Sport Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Sport Bike: A focused motorcycle designed for speed and handling. These machines are usually equipped with aerodynamic bodywork. MORE

Road Bike

Health / Fitness / Road Bike: The traditional type of outdoor bicycle with curved handlebars that is built for speed. MORE