Technology / Motorcycle / Biker: A Biker is one who rides a bike or motorcycle. The term Biker brings up different images to different people. Biker has an edge to it that speaks to a lifestyle. The term Motorcyclist is used interchangeably at times but Motorcyclist doesn't seem to have the same edge. A lifestyle change may not be as pronounced as with the term Biker.

Rich Urban Biker (RUB)

Technology / Motorcycle / Rich Urban Biker (RUB): Image-oriented motorcycle owner with more money than riding knowledge or experience. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Poseur: A Poseur is a person who pretends to be what he is not. There are those individuals within motorcycling who are superficially attracted to the image of the biker but who are unwilling to set about the MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / ABATE: ABATE is a biker organization that promotes more freedom for motorcyclists by limiting restrictive laws that affect riders. ABATE has organizations in most states. The name of the organization varies MORE