Body English

Technology / Motorcycle / Body English: A method used by motorcycle riders to help control lean angle or direction independent of the handlebars by moving body position on the motorcycle.

Other Words for Body

Body Noun Synonyms: corpse, cadaver, remains, carcass, stiff

Huma Transpersonal Bodywork

Health / Massage / Huma Transpersonal Bodywork: A method of bodywork that integrates subtle, articulate touch and verbal communication by combining the focus of physical and psychological health found in Western body-based tradition with the deeper MORE

English-Only Rules

Business / Human Resources (HR) / English-Only Rules: An employer policy or work rule that requires employees to only speak in the English language at all times while on the job or in the workplace. MORE

English Sonnet

Entertainment / Literature / English Sonnet: Another term for a Shakespearean sonnet. See discussion under sonnet, or click here to download a PDF handout. MORE

Insight Bodywork

Health / Massage / Insight Bodywork: Insight Bodywork, developed by Konda±±a (Barry Kapke), is a floor-based energy work that seamlessly integrates massage, movement, and meditation. Earthy, gentle, and spontaneous, its integrative app MORE

Kripalu Bodywork

Health / Massage / Kripalu Bodywork: The Kripalu bodyworker guides the client into a state of deep relaxation and meditation for the purpose of releasing physical and mental tension. This technique, based on Kripalu yoga, uses specific m MORE

Lean Body Mass

Health / Fitness / Lean Body Mass: Everything in the body except for fat, including bone, organs, skin, nails and all body tissue including muscle. Approximately 50-60% of lean body mass is water. MORE