Technology / Motorcycle / Boxer: Refers to the BMW R-Series engine that has two horizontally opposed cylinders.

Boxer Twin

Technology / Motorcycle / Boxer Twin: A horizontal engine configuration with the two pistons opposing each other, commonly found on BMW twin-cylinder motorcycles. The term comes from the resemblance of fists coming towards each other. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / BMW: A BMW is a brand of motorcycle. BMWs were first made in 1923 with the R32 boxer. If you mention BMW to most non-riders, you will almost always hear, 'I didn't know BMW made motorcycles.' Actually, the MORE

Flat Twin

Technology / Motorcycle / Flat Twin: A two cylinder internal combustion engine with the cylinders arranged on opposite sides of the crankshaft. The best known example is the "traditional’ (since 1923) BMW motorcycle engine, where it is MORE

Horizontally Opposed

Technology / Motorcycle / Horizontally Opposed: Type of engine layout in which the cylinders are placed at 180° to one another. It is also described as a flat twin or flat four, etc. Also known as a boxer engine. MORE