BuRP Rally

Technology / Motorcycle / BuRP Rally: BuRP stands for Blue Ridge Parkway and You. The BuRP Rally is a motorcycle rally founded by members of the Motorcycles forum. The rally was first held in 2002, basically as a ride by forum members. In subsequent years, the rally has been based in Maggie Valley, NC and includes rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Deal's Gap, and other scenic roads.

Other Words for Rally

Rally Noun Synonyms: gathering, (mass) meeting, meet, convocation, convention, assemblage, assembly, muster
Rally Adjective Synonyms: revive, rouse, recover, improve, get better, take a turn for the better, recuperate, perk up, pick up, snap out of it, make a comeback

Rally Caps

Entertainment / Baseball / Rally Caps: A term for a superstitious practice among players and fans alike that turn their caps inside out and/or backwards in a close game in the hopes of getting their team hitting. MORE

Rally (Recovery)

Business / Finance / Rally (Recovery): An upward movement of prices. Opposite of reaction. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Rally: A gathering of motorcyclists. Could be any number as small as 50 or as large as 500,000. MORE